3/P's ~ Phil's Pot Pies was founded in 2011, initially because our friends and family enjoyed the pot pies that Chef Phil would make for dinners and parties.  Phil's wife, Deb, decided to create a Facebook page and the rest is history!  

Chef Phil has a long history in Sonoma County culinary circles, beginning his career under the guidance of Chef John Ash, working with him at the renown John Ash & Co. restaurant in both the Montgomery Village and Barnes Road locations.  He was the Executive Hospitality Chef at Korbel Champagne Cellars for 18 years; started his own restaurant - 3/P's Comfort Food Station; works full time as Catering Chef at Park Avenue Catering.  And yes, in his "free time" he makes Phil's Pot Pies.

Deb McGauley has worked in sales and marketing at Korbel Champagne Cellars for 29 years.  She is a Sonoma County Certified Tourism Ambassador and her favorite part of her role in 3/P's is recipe development.  Truth be known, she has inspired many recipes as well!

Chef's main inspiration for pot pies comes from his mother, Diane (Di) McGauley.  As a young boy a fond memory was preparing pot pies with his mother which would be fresh frozen, to be consumed when time was a factor.  Easily popped in the oven and left to bake, the busy lifestyle of a family could continue until dinner was ready.

We use Bay leaves in all our savory pies.  This is why:

Find a Bay Leaf in your Pot Pie and You'll Have Good Luck!  (so said Di McGauley)  But, history has it that in the Elizabethan era, some people believed pinning bay leaves to one's pillow on the Eve of Saint Valentine's Day would permit them to see their future spouse in a dream.  Romans felt the leaves protected them against thunder and the plague.  Later, Italians and the English believed bay leaves brought good luck and warded off evil.

​So...if you find a bay leaf in your pot pie, you are the lucky one!  That's our story, and we're sticking to it!  :-)

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